Do I even Need a Website with Social Media?

On which platform do you promote your RV park? Do you have your own Great RV Park website or do you use social media exclusively to fill your mobile home park?


You may think that using a free platform like Facebook saves you money and target a wider range of audiences. But, if you do not have a website, you may need to think twice before you put all your eggs in one basket and consider having your own web space as well.


Having your own website gives you full control over your marketing strategies. It is like building your own “virtual storefront” and specifying your own set of rules. While using social media can be compared to renting a retail space that binds you to follow the platform’s terms and conditions. Your marketing is only as good as when the rules set by the third party site works favorably for you. What if they go out of business or revamped how they managed their posts? Your marketing efforts may all go to waste.


While we provide both website and social media management services. We highly encourage our customers to use both platforms to work in complementary ways.


Jumpstart your marketing with a Great RV Park website while you utilize social media to drive traffic to it. All this can be done with an optimized website and a good strategy in social media marketing. Use this tandem to attract potential customers and showcase your park.


With HoopJumper you’ll hit two birds with one stone as we help you build your Great RV Park Website and handle your social media marketing in an ALL-DONE-FOR-YOU service.


Let’s talk and make a pair out of your website and your social media business page


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