What Makes a Great RV Park Website?

The majority of RVers check out an RV Park’s website before making a reservation.

What does your website say about you?

Does your website make you look professional and like a place that they would want to go to?

Do you have a great website?


Your website must contain some of the following elements common to the TOP RV PARK WEBSITES in the US. Let us give you some idea:

  • Homepage with updated content and contact us page
  • Photo gallery of your park
  • Reservation form
  • Amenities Page
  • Testimonials
  • Events Calendar
  • Rates
  • Policies
  • Campground/Google map
  • Weather
  • Connections to Branded Social Media Accounts

A great RV Parks Website also HAS to be responsive.  Many of your patrons will be looking up your website on their smartphone or tablet.  If it is only designed to look good on a laptop or desktop computer, you will not look good to a majority of RVers.

We can help your RV park standout and get more reservations. As both RVers and website developers, we know too well how your RV Park can establish its presence in the world wide web with a GREAT website.

Having enjoyed many RV parks in the US, we have spoken to park owners and managers to help us understand your needs as an RV Park owner or manager.

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting weekenders, snowbirds, or a caravan of RVers. HoopJumper will be your partner in filling your park to capacity.

Contact HoopJumper Now and let us start building your Great RV Park Website.

We have packages and payment plans to fit any budget. Don’t let another day go by with an outdated website that makes your park look old and undesirable.

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